Ron Coons Photography | About
  • Ron Coons started his imaging career very early in life at age eleven. As a still photographer in Junior High and High School, and as a partner with his brother in a small photography company, he photographed all types of work, including sports action, portraits, product and advertising, and photojournalism for the local paper. After High School, he attended San Diego State University, studying television, radio and film, and graduated with a degree in 1988. After starting a grip and rigging business with a college friend, Ron spent four years doing special effects rigging, car mounts, making rain effects, building props, and paying his dues for entry into the motion picture industry. After moving to Los Angeles in 1989, he became a member of the camera department, first as a Loader on whatever jobs could be found, and soon after as a fully accredited First Camera Assistant and member of the International Cinematographer's Guild. As a working Camera Assistant, Ron founded a company called “Camware” in 1989, selling products to other camera professionals. This business grew into an Internet based mail order catalog under the name “Filmtools”. The business was sold in 2000, and is currently thriving in Los Angeles under its new ownership. After more than thirty years in the film industry, and numerous commercials, feature films and music videos, Ron is currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee and working as a Director of Photography and Still Photographer.